Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Introduction of Sorts

Roughly one year ago I started a blog. I was about to embark on a new journey college, life, moving out and I wanted to document it. I wrote about self image (mine), fashion, the weather. All in about three posts. I took zero photographs, I lost interest, I stopped.

When my summer started this year, I looked back at my first year of college and had little to show for it in terms of tangible photographic memories, personal growth, and snippets of what I was thinking. Sure, I had papers, grades, new friends I could count on facebook, but I was left feeling disappointed in how little I'd documented all the fun and experience I had. I felt a creative blockage, and I felt uninspired.

A Life in Images is my project to change that. It is a 365 photo documentation of my life, the lives of others, and bits of inspiration we can all enjoy. I hope to capture every day in photos, muss about life, creatively express, and both motivate myself and others.

I'd like you to be a part of it.

I begin my photographic journey Wednesday, September 29th. It is the first day of school, and the best time for new beginnings. 

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