Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Magic Monday..errr, sort of.

It is not Monday. But for the sake of this post, I am going to pretend it is. Mostly because I would like Mondays to always be magical, also, because I would like Magic Mondays to be a weekly forum for myself, and other bloggers to showcase an image they find magical, inspiring, and/or special.

Since this blog is in it's fledgling state, I am the first Magic Monday.

This image was taken this past February at Gas Works Park in Seattle. The feet in the brown booties are mine, the black booties are a dear friend (my other friend and roommate is not pictured). It was one of those lovely Sundays, where I had papers and reading, but we went on a picnic instead. We ate tuna fish on a plaid blanket in the grass, drank store brand soda pop, and munched on a tin of cookies my mom had given me for Christmas. The perfect, blissful spontaneity of it all opened my eyes. I don't know if I realized this then, but I realize it now; magic is wonderful in its simplicity. And if you don't feel that magic enough, you need to revise your lifestyle. Shortly after this photo was taken, I transitioned out of a long term relationship, decided I never wanted to live with another boy I thought I loved until I was engaged, and grew up a little. Magic isn't a fairy tale, magic is finding one pair of the perfect shoes in the clearance section and they're in you're size. Magic is an inside joke between good friends. Magic is tuna fish in the park.

Today, I constantly look around and feel a warm, comforting sense of magic in my life. That's how I know I'm in a good place.

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