Thursday, September 30, 2010

School Daze

For my first outfit post, these photos are a little sparse. I spent yesterday afternoon in line for Arcade Fire (more about that in the next post). Once I was in line, I couldn't really go exploring too far, so I had to be creative in my photography skills. That basically translates to me having my best friend snap a few photos of me as I ran to the bathroom, and then capturing the little details of my outfit on my own in a few awkward shots.

Nonetheless, this is what I wore for the first day of school and to see the much beloved, Arcade Fire. It was the perfect fall outfit with little knit socks, oxfords, a blazer, and floral.

Blazer - Goodwill Outlet, Dress - UO, Oxfords - thrifted, Purse - Value Village, Socks - H&M (menswear), Tights - Gift*

*a few key pieces to this outfit belong to my best friend and roommate. We share a room which also means we share a closet.

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  1. I really love this look...your style is too cute.
    the blszer is my favorite piece.

    -Mickey Vin


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