Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Farm Friendly

Seattle is still prettier than ever and I'm taking mild advantage of the weather by not wearing a jacket or appropriate fall footwear. Though caught somewhere between a desire for hot chocolate, big sweaters, and muffs, I must admit I don't mind this taste of fleeting summer at all. I know it will pass, and I know in no time at all, I'll be wishing it was spring and that I didn't need so many layers.

I'm especially fond of this outfit as it puts to good use one of my favorite items, my Anthropolgie hen sweater (I always struggle with what to pair this with). While fun and bright, my creativity has yet to figure out the complete extent to which I can utilize it. Suggestions?

My dear friend (and roommate), Jasmine, kindly snapped these photos of me in the fall sun. Unfortunately, we took them when the sun was highest, and they came out quite bright. I have always enjoyed Jasmine's sense of fashion. The polar opposite of mine it includes a plethora of black, a love of animal print, and a chic edge that I could never pull off. Additionally, Jasmine sews and modifys a lot of her own pieces. The talent comes from her mom, who made her lovely purse.


My new goal for fall, more DIY.

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