Friday, October 15, 2010

Wandering Days

It is easily forgotten how hectic the academic year can be in the heat of summer. However, in these turning leaves of fall, as I arrive on campus at 8 am to work, only to finally shuffle home after 6 pm from my exercise class at the gym, I could not wish for the leisure of summer more. Sure, there is a certain degree of pleasure in knowing my days are packed with pay checks, homework assignments, cardio classes, and lunch dates. But there is a lovely feeling derived from waking up and having the whole day to my whims. 


In an effort to keep my sanity, I will be trying to keep my coming weekend as laid back as possible despite pumpkin patch plans, yoga, a friend's surprise party (in which I am baking a cake), and volunteering at the NW African American Museum. I am so thankful for gcal.

Dress - Goodwill Outlet, Sweater - J. Crew, Belt - A&E, Shoes - Goodwill Outlet, Necklace - Old Navy

What helps you hold on to your sanity when your days are full to the brim?

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  1. You sound as busy as me! :/ Fun, right?
    My relaxer is writing-- on napkins, children, concrete, everything. (:

    And you bake? I'm jealous. I broke the microwave a few years back with an unfortunate poptart incident. No joke.

    You are lovely dear.


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