Monday, October 11, 2010

London Calling

Now seems a better time than any to touch on the topic of my outfit posts and the awkward dance that is my daily wardrobe photo documentation.

Being that I live in Seattle, in an apartment, in a very busy part of town, taking my photos always tends to be hurried and frantic. Occasionally, I have a roommate or boyfriend on hand and we can walk somewhere to take a few shots. But more often than not, I have my tripod, my self-timer, and an inner battle of embarrassment at the thought of walking to a public space to take pictures of MYSELF. 


My building is a charming complex built in the 1920s, it's brick with ivy on the outside, hardwood and glass door knobs on the inside (perhaps I'll share photos with you all?). Unfortunately, the unit faces the back alley and several other apartments. Sunshine never quite peeks in enough to provide ample light for indoor photos. 

Thus, the photo dilema deepens.

The alley to which my back door opens to has little foot traffic and lovely lighting. Thankfully, it's the perfect place to snap a few quick shots before I run off to class, or once I get home from work. My days are fast paced sprints between class, work, someone's house, the library, and (sometimes) home. Fitting in photos can be difficult. So if you're wondering why you've seen this delightful wall so many times, that is why. Call it my comfort blanket.

I know many bloggers use their tripod and take stunning photos in their own environment. Where do you take outfit pictures?

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  1. It's a pretty great comfort blanket if you ask me! ;)

    I'm obsessed with the railroad tracks behind Target of all places for my photos. You can imagine the bewildered stares I get as I run back and forth with my tripod.

    I'm really diggin your blog honeybee. Mind if I follow? ;)


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